What Dennis Quaid Thinks Of The Leaked “A Dog’s Purpose” Footage


Starring in the film “A Dog’s Purpose”, Dennis Quaid provided his input regarding the alleged animals abuse on set after TMZ released a video of a German Shepherd, Hercules, being forced into rushing water.
The leaked video depicted Hercules attempts to stay out of the pool of rushing water as his handler attempted many times to get him in.
β€œIt makes me angry,” Quaid exclaimed. β€œI never saw any abuse of any animal. And if there had been, I would have walked.”
Quaid voiced his doubts in regards to the authenicity of the video on “Ellen”. He continued to say that if animal abuse was present on set, he wouldn’t be on it further exclaiming that the leaked video does not tell the whole story.
On her show, DeGeneres also brought up the notion of why someone would wait to present controversial footage when the film was shot back in 2015.
The talk-show host states that if one really did care about animals, the video would have been released as soon as the next day.
“A Dog’s Purpose”opens this Friday.

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